What do you have to know before applying for EU funding?

All European programmes have an implementation plan and each of the planned calls for project proposals has its own strict specifics, incl. requirements regarding candidates and their history, eligible activities, costs and so on. Some of these specifics are set in the documentation of the relevant procedure, while others are subject to the usual practices. For accurate estimation of the chances for approval of the project proposal it is important for you to ask for the professional opinion of an expert who is able to:

  • Identify the activities eligible for funding, while considering the needs of the applicant:
  • Can formulate, define and structure the project concept and the subject of the project proposal in accordance with the procedure under which you apply
  • Knows the regulations, mechanisms, processes and documentation of each selection procedure for project proposals

Advices to the applicants

Define exactly what your company’s needs are and how you can boost its competitiveness.

Regarding this you should answer questions such as:

  • Do I need new technology/machines? What kinds of technologies?
  • Do I need more employees? Am I going to be able to keep at least half of the new employees after completion of the project? What equipment will be needed for these new employees?
  • Do I need consultancy services? What exactly?
  • Do I need to optimize my company’s energy consumption?

Be prepared to present balance sheets and accounting reports at the stage of consultation.

Determine the approximate amount of investment that you need.

Have an idea what is the possible amount of your contribution to the project’s budget because some of the schemes require the beneficiary’s financial participation. If you are unable to co-finance, consider alternative options such as bank loans.

Be precise and candid with the consultant because inaccuracies in the project proposal could call it into question or create problems for the candidate at the stage of the "project’s execution", which in turn runs the risk of non-recognition of costs by the Managing Authority.

Ask the consultant to inform you when there is a call suitable for your business, as many potential applicants often miss funding opportunities due to untimely information.

Fill out our detailed questionnaire which we will send you via email after you have contacted us. It will help you answer the above questions and it will provide valuable information to us as consultants and to you as potential applicants about the funding opportunities for your project idea.