The main objective of the National Innovation Fund is to promote research and development of enterprises and to stimulate cooperation between science and business.

The Fund’s aim is to promote the development of research projects and technical feasibility projects, initiated and implemented in well-performing companies planning to develop new or to improve existing products, processes or services, enhancing the company’s competitiveness and economic efficiency.

Types of eligible projects:

- R&D projects, focused on the technical development of: new products, processes or services OR significantly improved existing products, processes or services; Maximal amount of the financial aid is 500 000 lv.

- Projects for technical feasibility, exploring the possibility for future realization of an “applied sciences” project; The maximum amount of financial support is 50,000 lev

Not eligible are projects leading to the full development of a product, service or process to their market readiness.

Eligible costs:

  • Wages and salaries;
  • Depreciation of tools / equipment;
  • Sub-contractors costs;
  • Materials and supplies;
  • Costs for intellectual property rights;
  • Audit
  • Business trips abroad


An enterprise - alone or jointly with other enterprises and / or research organizations from the Member States of the European Union could participate in the competition for project proposals.

The company, assigned to be a project coordinator, must be a merchant registered in Bulgaria according to the the Commerce Act.
Young innovative enterprises could participate in the competition if their R & D costs represent at least 15% of the total cost of their activities in at least one of the three years preceding the granting of the aid.
Universities and research organizations participate through their legal representatives.


The aid intensity, calculated on the basis of the eligible project costs should not exceed:

• 50% - for industrial research;
• 25% - for experimental development.

Under certain conditions, the scheme provides for greater funding.

National Wine Sector Programme 2014 - 2018, will provide financial assistance in the following areas:

1. "Restructuring and conversion of vineyards"
2. "Promoting the markets of third countries";
3. "Green harvesting";
4. "Investments in enterprises"

The programme budget is 133 mln. Euro

The programme provides grants for:

Measure "Restructuring and conversion of vineyards"

The following activities are supported:

1. The conversion of the grape varieties

2. Restructuring of the vine:

3. Improving the vine management techniques:

The maximum intensity of financial support within this measure is 75% of the actual costs for the implementation of each particular activity based on fixed price limits.

Measure "Promoting the markets of third countries'

The measure supports the following activities and associated costs:

1. Public relations, promotion and advertising, in particular highlighting the advantages of the products produced in the European Union (EU), especially in terms of their quality, food safety or environmental concerns:

2. Participation in events, fairs and exhibitions of international importance - fairs and international exhibitions aimed at professionals or consumers, expenditures for rents, halls, equipment, electricity, water, security, decorations, creating databases, Internet, and the purchase of materials;

3. Organizing and conducting activities related to information campaigns, in particular on the EU regimes for designations of origin, geographical indications and organic production

4. Organizing and conducting activities related to the exploration of new markets, necessary for the expansion of the market opportunities

5. Organizing and conducting activities related to the evaluation of the the results of activities for the promotion and information, as costs:

The maximum amount of financial assistance under this measure is up to 80% of the eligible costs. Beneficiaries should contribute to the project’s budget with not less than 20% of the total eligible costs. Projects that promote trade marks and brands are not co-financed by national resources. In these cases, candidates should contribute to the budget of their proposed projects with not less than 50% of the actual costs.

Measure "Green harvesting"

Under the measure "Green harvesting" will be supported pruning activities for removing or destroying green and still unripe grapes

The maximum amount of financial support under this measure will be up to 50% of the direct costs for the removal of grape bunches and for the loss of revenue resulting from the application of the measure.

Measure "Investments in enterprises”

This measure will provide for assistance in the production of grapevine products in wine enterprises.
The support under this measure covers a wide range of activities - from the production of wine products to their bottling and labeling. Activities funded under this measure should not receive funding from other national or European sources.

Eligible activities:
1. The construction, acquisition or reconstruction of real estate
2. The purchase of new machinery and equipment, incl. software
3. General costs linked to the expenditures in paragraph 1 and 2, such as architects, engineers and consultants, feasibility studies, acquisition of patent rights and licenses.

The maximum amount of financial assistance under the measure "Investments in enterprises" is up to 50% of the actual costs for the implementation of each particular activity. The difference between the full amount of the approved expenditures and the amount of the grant should be provided by the beneficiary. The limit of the eligible costs under this measure is the equivalent of € 400,000. Interim payments and payment in advance are not allowed.